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"Find Your Own Lane, Hit the Gas, Then You Mash!" 🏎

One of my favorite lines by Payroll Giovanni, a native of my hometown Detroit, MI, and a member of Def Jam Recordings. This was my motto for the whole year of 2017.Β  From trying to mask my pain, to putting my time and effort into things that I couldn't see a future in, 2017 became the year I found "My Lane". Your lane is only a place you know, a place where you feel comfortable using your creativity, passion, and dreams to create your future.

Don't let circumstances determine your future. You don't want to be that person 20 years from now still working a job that youΒ  hate. You don't want to wake up 20 years from now hating your everyday life! The sooner you start working on you dreams, the closer you can get to where you want to be in life. Stop putting your dreams on pause!

My Story

Ever since I was young I had a wild imagination, I could just about envision anything. Growing up I always wore colors that stood out, I never wanted to wear just regular colors, I was more attracted to the bright and vibrant ones. I stayed outside as a kid, my mother would literally have to tell me to come inside. I was born and raised in Detroit, MI. I lived there until age 16. If you didn't know, Detroit is a city of flash and hustle, if you ever heard the line by the famous Notorious B.I.G. "stink pink gators by Detroit playas" then you know what I mean. LOL.

If you're from Detroit you're going to try to get a dollar anyway possible, and still try to look like the flyest person in the room whether you've got money or not. The main goal is to hustle to get money, but my main question to my brothers and sisters has always been, What are you going to do when you get the money? I'm from a city with big buildings, cars, and crime and drugs was never scarce where I'm from.

I drowned myself with music to void any negative feelings and it could take me to places that I knew existed.

IΒ  could stare at a picture and place myself inside and wonder what was life like somewhere else? What else is out there?

Every time I go to a new place I get a rush. Experiencing new things and places and then getting a chance to photograph those experiences is what truly makes me happy. I must say I never realized how much I loved nature until I moved to Baltimore County, MD with my mother where I currently live. I mean I always loved being outside as a kid but it wasn't until I moved here that nature and trail walks were easily accessible. I love photography, basketball, movies, trying new foods, blogging and learning new things.

I played college basketball for 1 year at University of Charleston (w.v) and I am currently studying Digital Media Production at CCBC Essex in Rosedale, MD.

I never knew I could find a way to combine my two loves of photography and discovery. Photo-blogging has given me a chance to travel and capture every moment. Deep down I'll always be a kid from Detroit with a dream to see everything.

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TJ Winn

Photographer, Blogger (Photo-Blogger)

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