Angels don't exist in games..

Before I met you I never knew love,

We were taught to hide our feelings like an unwanted group hug.

As a kid I stayed outside, I only knew a few rugs..

I met you in the winter, December to be particular

We knocking on 4,

Double that to 8 and maybe we can change..

This crazy world and make these people sane,

Maybe that’s a stretch but I’m not insane

Cuz God sent me you, and angels don’t exist in games..

And if this is real life then pardon you the blame,

For holding the umbrella for me through the rain..

This was one of my first mini photo shoots taken with Jillian Phelps on November 26. 2017. I wrote this poem while editing the pictures of her, she gave me the inspiration.


Photos taken by: TJ Winn
Model: Jillian Phelps


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