Don’t judge my breakthrough if you don’t know what I’ve been through! ☄️

“You can’t judge my breakthrough if you don’t know what I’ve been through.”

I couldn’t tell you whose quote this is, I just know I heard my pastor at Turning Point Church say it during the sermon last Sunday.  One thing I could tell you is that soon as I heard the quote, I knew it was the title to my new blog post.

Honestly, I’m not big on sharing personal experiences or things that I’ve been through in my life that others would consider “tragic”. I mean of course if you ask close friends or people that know me, they’d tell you I’ve been through some things. I think everybody has been through some things!

Although some my past experiences differ from the norm and I’ve maybe seen some things that some haven’t, I feel like there’s a reason for it.

I’m a firm believe in GOD, and you know that saying “God gives his hardest battles to his strongest soldiers”… well yeah, I’m a firm believer in that too.

I also believe and know that even though I’ve been through some tragic experiences, there’s somebody out there who’s been through way worse than myself. Most of all, I know there are people out there whose situations are worse than my own.

Poverty is real.

There are families are right now experiencing generational poverty because of the systems we have in place, and they don’t even know it themselves. You know… I just always wondered WHY? Why some things are the way they are, Why had I been so many places at the wrong times? Or why since I was age 10, it felt like every other year I would lose someone close to me.

Then one day I just realized.. I’m not sure how, or why, but somebody pulled the string to the light bulb in my head. 💡

There is no explanation for preparation!

So this is my breakthrough.. I’m done with all the depression, long nights, and sadness that contributed to the state I was in. All things happen for a reason and at this point, I don’t know what else life is going to throw at me.  I just know I have to be ready for it!


P.S. Stay tuned for some of my life experiences, I’m sure they’ll be available soon..

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