Knowledge is power! (Baltimore City Art)

img_1918I was riding through Baltimore City one day and I came across this beautiful piece of artwork. This is right around North Ave and Belair Rd.

The art wasn’t the only thing that caught my eye. It was the simple fact it was highlighting someone reading a book. You don’t see artwork like this everyday but I think its vital that children in the inner city see things like this. In a country where we preach equality, I think its vital that everybody knows that inner city and suburban resources have never been equal. The schooling system in the two have never been equal. More minorities live in major cities than whites in almost every major city in America, when whites account for more than 70% of our whole population. I hate the fact that our country is still living in these times.

1. I wish the media could stop brainwashing people to the point that people don’t even know that “race” isn’t a real thing.

2. I wish people could be truthful and admit that our country was built on White Supremacy but realize that we are now in a new day and age. I wish people would realize that White people who believe in equality DO NOT fit into this category.

3. I wish the ignorant black people would stop using “Black Lives Matter” in the wrong way. You’re not helping the cause. We want to establish and peace and equality not equality and chaos. Stop trying to fight hate with hate.

4. I wish black and white people would come together for once, and realize that we have prejudgments about each other because we haven’t taken the time out to understand each other.

5. I wish America would realize that we really want change, and that you can’t win a war fighting the same way that your opponent does.Β  If we really want equality we have to stick to our word at all times, when someone uses racism or prejudice you don’t have to reciprocate it.

6. This year maybe you could ask a person why they feel the way they do about you instead of acting out in anger. Maybe have a conversation with somebody you wouldn’t normally talk to.


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