Maryland Science Center visit!

So last week I went to the Maryland Science Center with my girlfriend and her family for the first time. I’ve lived in Baltimore County, MD for 6 years now but have never been to the Science center! Funny right?

Well I was born in Detroit, MI so there’s my pass. I went to the Michigan Science Center as a kid. LOL

It’s always cool when you get to kick it with both generations in one day. Jill’s Grandfather walked around with us to exhibits as Allie (Jill’s Sister-in-law), Jill, and I pushed the kids in the stroller. I hope one day I live to see 84 so I can walk around with my Great-grandchildren. Man, what a blessing right?

My favorite exhibit was the space exhibit and the “Bed of nails” exhibit which made you feel like you were really laying on a bed of nails! πŸ”© The Maryland Science Center has plenty of exhibits to explore. It has 3 floors, an observatory, IMAX theatre and a planetarium.

Here is a floor plan if you need it >>> Maryland Science Center Floor Plan

Also here are some pics from our adventure!

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