My first 4 x 6 Print for sale!

Hello my fellow WordPress members, starting today I'm going to be selling photo prints of my ventures around the world! You can buy as many as you want now with PayPal!

I take photos every place I travel whether it's a new or old place to me, so you'll be getting lots of new content going forth. I'm so happy to start selling my prints. I will start selling Photobooks of my ventures and more products will be coming in soon! Stay tuned and come win with "The Winning Venture". If you would like to purchase a 4 x 6 matte or glossy print just click this link below . You can pay securely by PayPal or with any card.

The first print I'm selling is a photo my black and white Malibu photo. It's printed Matte. I took this photo a while ago on my trip to Malibu Beach, CA but I never realized how much I love this picture. It's so calming and it gives you a rage of peaceful emotions.

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