My First time to Cali! πŸŒ…

My first trip to Hollywood, CA was in 2016, and must I say it was the time of my life! I had just turned 21, this was only my first time ever being in California ever. My friends and I rented out a 2 bedroom apartment at Ginosi Hollywood and Highland Apartel. The place was very affordable for 4 college students working regular jobs at the time. All we had to do was split the costs of everything 4 ways and that was feasible for all of us. They accompanied us with a great stay. Our place was very spacious, we had free parking and best of all we were right in the heart of Hollywood!

Since we were only going to be there for a week it was only right that we got around to different parts of town.Β  The picture highlighted in this post was one of my favorites pictures from the trip in general. This photo was taken in Santa Monica, and right on the other side was the famous Santa Monica Pier.Β  I have some other shots that you’ll see soon, it was so cool experiencing Santa Monica with some of my close friends. I’ll definitely be back soon, next time I want to come back and explore more towns and cities of California. I don’t think I could ever get tired of seeing this place!

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