The first time I saw an Ocean..

I used to wonder what the ocean was like                                                                                Is it cold, is it warm, or would it be ice?                                                                                    I stepped on the beach and felt immediate life                                                                        Who would’ve known this world could feel so nice..

I remember the first time I visisted Ocean City, MD in 2012. If you didn’t know, a lot of high schoolers in the DC, Maryland, Virginia area, and even parts of Pennsylvania and Delaware, do this thing called “Senior Week”. The week after you graduate high school everyone travels to Ocean City, MD for a full week of unsupervised fun with your friends. I moved to Maryland the summer of 2011, so I had no knowledge of what “Senior Week” and Ocean City was really like. I remember I would hear people talking about it all the time. All I could do was get this great picture in my head. I imagined that Ocean City had to be beautiful and I had never been up close and personal with an actual ocean before. When we finally arrived in “OC” I was stunned. The first time I walked on the beach with one of my friends I just remember going “Bro! this is the ocean… this is really the ocean!”. It was pretty amusing to my friends and some other people how amazed I was by the ocean, but of course if you’ve lived in Maryland most of your life, Ocean City isn’t something new. It just never gets boring! So I had to get this shot of the ocean for my blog, and I’ll probably get many more next time I go. It’s really a great place for everybody, the kids, your significant other, or even grandparents. You’re guaranteed get intrigued by the beach life, dolphin sight-seeing tours, amusement parks, great restaurants (especially if you love seafood!)

If you’re new to the ocean life, or have never been a city close to the ocean then this is something you have to do and Ocean City is the place to visit!

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