Division is something that can only happen if we multiply the negativity.ย  I was riding through the North West side of Baltimore City, in the Park Heights area one day, and I came across this fine piece of artwork. Whoever sprayed this.. Big ups to you dog for real! BROTHERS, really.. we all are brothers, brothers from another mother and we need to come together.

Every color is beautiful and race is not real. People have to remember that race is a classification system that was created to separate and analyze people for certain reasons. Race cannot define you as a person. What defines you is what you choose to do with the cards life deals you, you are the player. I’m a player too, so how about we play this game called life together? Cuz that’s what makes things easier right?

You know that’s what they teach us early on in school, this thing called teamwork.. So the question is.. do we really even know how to be a team? Us all working together, isn’t that what we call the American Dream? Well let’s do this thing, come together like BROTHERS and try this FAMILY scheme… Cuz that’s the only thing we’ve got left, when our country’s been moving towards separation than cooperation, that’s still something I’m trying to digest..

BROTHERS, lets love each other, and maybe the sisters could see the love that we got from our fathers and our mothers.


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