What Happened to the Men in Our Society?

It’s a sad day in the world when a lot of men feel like there’s something wrong with doing simple things like holding and opening the door for a female. I’m really appalled by the outlook of some of the men my age, younger and older. I’m 24, but it’s really crazy to me how men even a couple years older possess this non-helping quality.

Some people consider holding doors chivalry. It’s simply considered a kind gesture in my book πŸ“–. You know my father always told me “it doesn’t cost you a penny to be nice to someone”.

I just don’t understand how as people, we’ve gotten so far away from chivalry and actually showing a person you like them. I know social media is to blame for placing people on these pedestals without reason, giving credit when it’s not always due, and praising culture-degrading videos, but I mean hey… “We the people” aren’t going to take any blame? I mean for what it’s worth, we’re the ones who push the “like” button.

What happened to those days where you actually had to prove to someone that you liked them? ..or that you wanted them and nobody else for that matter. I do believe that social media contributed to a society without chivalry but so did men and women. Everybody feels entitled to something they shouldn’t.

Some of us men contributed when we stopped being role models to the youth. When men stopped showing boys how to go after something they want instead of it just being handed to them is where we messed up. Men messed up when we began feeling entitled, entitled to a smart, loyal, loving female who would be a great role model for our children. The sad thing is there’s somebody that we all know a guy right now who feels like they can get a girl to like them just because of the way they look, how much money they have or because of some of other material things they have.

You see, I said girl for a reason..

Because a real woman can’t be impressed by looks, money, or material things.

So with all this being said, it’s time for men to step back up. When I was young my grandfather and my father made it clear, it’s not about the material things or money you obtain while you’re here but more about the things you do. People will forget about the money you give them and the material things you bought them but they’ll never forget about how good of a person you were to them, and the legacy you leave behind. We need to teach our young men values and that it takes hard work to get something that you want, and that’s with anything in life.

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